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Precisionscreen Machinery Precisionscreen Machinery Precisionscreen Machinery Precisionscreen Machinery Precisionscreen Machinery Precisionscreen Machinery Precisionscreen Machinery Precisionscreen Machinery Precisionscreen Machinery


Precoater Contractor

The Precisionscreen Contractor has now been adapted for a new application in the quarry industry. The Precoater Contractor still has all the same features:

  • 2-deck, 6' x 4' screen box
  • 1000mm belt
  • Hopper capacity 2.5 cubic meters


But now also has the Precoater adapter kit with precoat tumble chute and precoat pump.

This new addition allows the Quarry operator to de dust his aggregates before going to the precoater tumble chute. This ensures the most efficient use of the precoat material with maximum coverage. The Contractor can also be fitted with a spray bars in case the material requires further cleaning before precoating.

Precoater ContractorPrecoater ContractorPrecoater Contractor






The Precoater Contractor is a very low capital cost solution to help add value to the quarry range of materials.


Scorpion PugmillThe Precisionscreen Pugmill is a very versatile machine that can be adopted to work with various applications for mixing. The nominal Pugmill capacity is a whopping 300TPH. The Scorpion Pugmill has an elevated pug head that discharges the pugged material from a 3.5m height, this feature avoids the issue of segregation on the belt and makes it easier to clean the main belt as the material is carried to the pug head dry. This benefit also allows trucks to be loaded directly from the pughead and the operator has full control of material flow from the remote control start/stop action in his loader.

PLC Control System

  • Ability to select different product mixes at the touch of a button
  • Automatic start up feature
  • User friendly interface, easy to navigate
  • IFM CR1081 control panel.


Scorpion PugmillScorpion PugmillScorpion PugmillScorpion Pugmill





Optional Extra feed bin available to blend two products together.

Optional Additive Bin

  • 2.5m³ capacity
  • Access ladders
  • Dust filter
  • Screw flow control


Precisionscreen Manufactured Shredders

Precisionscreen manufactured Shredders are ideal for organic material, limestone and soft products; reducing oversize products and gaining greater fines from your material.

Precisionscreen can design and manufacture shredders to suit a variety of machine makes and models.

Contact our sales team today regarding information and spec data regarding these adaptable and innovative units.

Precisionscreen Manufactured Shredders

Precoat Chute Kits

Precisionscreen Australian designed and manufactured Precoat Chute has strategically placed high velocity nozzles to ensure sufficient coverage of bitumous liquid; designed to meet the needs of Civil Infrastructure industry.

Precoat Chute Kits

Supplied is a Precoat pump, which needs to be driven by a pre-existing aux circuit and chute with stainless steel nozzles.


Precoat Chute KitsPrecoat kit includes:

  • Precoat pump, motor and coupling with mount (mounting not to suit particular machine)
  • Precoat tumbler chute with 3 spray barPrecoat fuel meter
  • 1 ½ Precoat inlet camlok
  • Paddle switch door
  • Filter

Contact our after sales team today for enquiries for these units ex stock Brisbane.


Sandvik's Premium range of Jaw Crushers features:

  • Hydraulically adjustable jaw setting for a variety of applications
  • Crushing chamber with V design - allows for full utilisation of the length of the chamber.
  • Reverse crushing action to crush sticky material or to relieve blockages
  • Hydraulic drive which enables the crusher to start under load
  • Automatic level sensor fitted to jaw to control feed rate and minimise operator intervention
  • Raise/lower facility on the main conveyor via radio remote for recycling operations
  • Automatic central lubrication system to reduce maintenance time


Sandvik QJ341 Jaw CrusherSandvik QJ341 Jaw Crusher

  • Jaw Crusher: 1200x750mm
  • Weight: 48,194kg
  • Transport Length: 14.15m
  • Transport Width: 2.86m
  • Transport Height: 3.44m

Sandvik QJ241 Jaw CrusherSandvik QJ241 Jaw Crusher

  • Jaw Crusher: 1000x650mm
  • Weight: 32,568kg
  • Transport Length: 13.9m
  • Transport Width: 2.64m
  • Transport Height: 3.22m


Sandvik's Heavy Duty Range of Jaw Crushers features:

  • Robust and highly durable capable of operating in the toughest climatic conditions.
  • Diesel Hydraulic Drive with an on board "intelligence" system for optimal and trouble-free operation
  • Performance as a static plant but with the benefit of being mobile.
  • Quick return on investment due to low operating cost and high productivity
  • Ease of operation through radio remote control (as standard)
  • Easy inspection and maintenance due to easily accessible maintenance platforms


Sandvik UJ440i Jaw CrusherSandvik UJ440i Jaw Crusher

  • Jaw Crusher: 1200x830mm
  • Weight: 62,500kg
  • Transport Length: 16.58m
  • Transport Width: 3.00m
  • Transport Height: 3.91m


Sandvik UJ540 Jaw CrusherSandvik UJ540 Jaw Crusher

  • Jaw Crusher: 1200x1100mm
  • Weight: 106,000kg
  • Transport Length: 15.10m / 8.90m (2 parts)
  • Transport Width: 3.50m / 3.40m (2 parts)
  • Transport Height: 3.90m / 3.80m (2 parts)


Sandvik UJ640 Jaw CrusherSandvik UJ640 Jaw Crusher

  • Jaw Crusher: 1500x1100mm
  • Weight: 126,500kg
  • Transport Length: 10.60m / 15.50m (2 parts)
  • Transport Width: 3.80m / 4.00m (2 parts)
  • Transport Height: 3.90m / 4.10m (2 parts)




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